FundraisingPrimerThumbnailFundraising Primer. Learn all the fundamentals of raising funds. write a Grant proposal, Ask for funds, plan Social Enterprise, build a Volunteer Program... and more!. Starting with a Case for Support, this is a simple step-by-step process that is easy to follow.$28
7SimpleStepsto HappinessThumbnail7 Simple Steps to Happiness. Getting more joy out of life. There are some simple steps that can be taken towards happiness.$12.98
WorkbookThumbnailFundraising Workbook for Interns. Directs students to define and research the ethics of fundraising, to study current practices, and to research additional fundraising methods. Intended for students working under direction. $18
EventBookletThumbnail101 Fundraising Ideas. Get started planning your unique activity or event. From Galas to beach parties, Run/Walks to product sales... and more. Mix and match elements such as auctions and games.$8.65






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Personalized note cards are a distinctive way to stay in touch with clients and prospective clients.

Phone cases, and more.

ItemDescriptionPrice (and less. These prices are per single unit)
SunsetCardGreeting Card: Ocean Sunset$6.25
SunsetPhoneThumbnailPhone case: Ocean Sunset$40.73
SeasonForEverythingCardThumbnailGreeting Card: A Season for Everything$5.06
SeasonforEverythingPhoneCaseThumbnailPhone Case: Season for Everything$40.73
LongBeachTotebagThumbnailLong Beach Summer Days Tote Bag = 18"$29.00