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Prepress to print ready: Book Design and Layout

Design and typesetting

The design of the page, whether paper or digital, contributes to the message, communicating ideas in a way that enable a reader to easily understand your story. The choice of appropriate graphic elements, including photographs, callouts, and placement of text boxes, as well as judicious use of white space to rest the eye of the reader all contribute to the image portrayed by the page, an image that represents you.

We can give your project a professional polish that will communicate your message, and get the results you’re looking for.

Photography and graphics

Photographs support your story, tell your story in a powerful and unique way. We are able to provide suggestions in the best use of photographs that will support the communication goals of your publication.


Writing your message is the second step in the process of creating your communication, and follows a detailed planning process. When creating, let words flow, knowing that editing is a separate step that organizes your work into logical messages.

Editing is the organizing of words into a logical order of ideas, grouping thoughts and topics together, choosing the most effective words – those that are appropriate to your audience, and the number of words suitable to your project.

Finally, copy editing is the polish on the document, ensuring accuracy in the mechanics of language.


Specializing in bringing your story to life in books:

  • Fiction
  • Memoirs
  • Travelogues
  • Non-fiction

We also create

  • Policy and Procedure Manuals
  • Employee Handbook
  • Course Development
  • Newsletter

Rates may vary. Standard rates for clean copy with usable graphics, pocket book size, up to 175 pages, 10 camera ready photographs or graphics.

The following is a guideline only. 

  • editing $1100
  • document design and layout, prepress to print-ready, simple $950
  • graphs and charts created: custom pricing
  • cover designed $425 plus purchase of graphics if needed

Does not include printing. Does not include transcription.

For Handbooks; Workbooks or other projects, please fill out the form for a quote.

Book Design and Layout Quote
How many pages is your manuscript currently?
Graphic elements include photos, charts, maps, illustrations.
Ignore if this is zero. Include charts or tables and lists that are text.
We can work with your designer, or can work with you to come up with a cover design.

Clients and Client Projects



  • City of Abbotsford Parks and Recreation Guide
  • 1995 Western Canada Summer Games Handbooks: Volunteers; Athletes
  • Consulting Resource Group International, tools, newsletters, workbooks