Program Bundles

Suggested Program Bundles for productivity

*Government funding for may be available for British Columbia businesses. 

Take advantage of our bundled programs for business groups.
Each bundle can be taken over two days, but may be scheduled over several days.
Option to create your own training bundle. Custom designed workshops available.

Business Startup
• Entrepreneurship with Style
• Cash Flow
• Ethics
• Business Plans: what you need
And your choice of:
• Time Management
• Marketing
• Sales

Personal Development
• Communication with Style
• Identify your values
• Manage stress, identify wellness actions
And your choice of:
• Setting Boundaries
• Goals setting
• Finding hope

Non Profit Organizations
• Building the Case for Support (hands-on)
• Fundraising: grant writing
• Volunteers management
And a choice of:
• Social Enterprise 101
• Fundraising: Events

Job Search and Career Crafting
• Personal Style assessment for best job-fit
• Identify what you value in the workplace
• Preparing: resume, cover letter, interviews prep
• The search: hidden job market; popular searches
• Gigs: income stop-gap. Identify options.

Business Plans for Small and Micro Business
• Product to market: planning
• Sales styles
• Financials: planning overview
And your choice of:
• Stress Management
• Getting Organized
• Productive Teams

Contact us to create a specific training bundle for your organization.
*Are you eligible for this Government funded training opportunity?

Are you a BC Employer? You may be eligible for funding by the Province for staff training. Ask us about a Program best designed for your business or organization!

From WorkBC:

Funding amounts:
Approved applications for training under this stream will receive reimbursement of 60 percent of the eligible training costs up to a maximum of $5,000 per participant. The employer is required to contribute the remaining 40 percent. 

The maximum an employer can receive per fiscal year (April 1st – March 31st) is $300,000 in total government funding.

Participants are NOT to pay for training or any training related expenses. All costs are to be paid for in FULL by the applicant. Receipts must verify this information.

Training supported under this stream includes but is not limited to:

  • Management Skills Training: Defined as developing skills in strategic planning, leading and motivating, allocating and controlling resources, evaluating, co-ordinating and organizing, recruiting and hiring, supervising and leadership
  • Business Skills Training: Defined as training to develop skills to increase sales, marketing, social media marketing and communication, streamline processes and organizational structures and change management  
  • Soft Skills: Defined as personal management skills required by the current labour market. Soft skills are personal skills and characteristics required by employers across different sectors and at different stages of an employee’s career

Expected outcomes of training: 

  • Employers report increased workplace productivity   
  • Employers contribute to skills training of their current or new employees
  • Participant has a job (where participant was unemployed prior to training) or better job* at the end of the training

*For the purpose of the ETG, “better job” is defined as:

  • Increased job security (i.e. training will ensure the participant can maintain employment)
  • Increase in pay
  • Promotion/advancement to another position
  • Move from part-time to full-time employment or
  • Move from temporary/casual/seasonal employment to permanent employment
  • Increased productivity