Fundraising Workshop Series


Ten 1-hour sessions

Fundraising: Setting the Stage
Learn which systems and supports must be in place for successful fundraising.

Fundraising: Creating the Case for Support
The Case for Support is a living document that is the backbone of all fundraising. Learn what to include, what not to include. Presentation techniques, and more.

Fundraising: Grant Writing
Learn the steps for effective Grant writing. Grant applications must be well researched and thought out, well written, and followed up with appropriately.

Fundraising: Attracting Third Party Fundraising
Allow and encourage the community to raise funds for you by following these steps.

Fundraising: Asks
Sometimes just asking for support is the best way to receive either money or an in-kind donation. But who do you ask? How? There is an art to an effective Ask.

Fundraising: Events
Signature events serve multiple goals: provide an opportunity to showcase what the organization does, encourage participation from the broader community, celebration of achievements, and raise funds. There are several steps that all events have in common, which will be covered. Add creativity, and you have a unique event.

Fundraising: Technology and Systems
Explore how technology can affordably help to raise funds, how implementing Systems can skyrocket funding.

Fundraising: Engaging Volunteers
Attract and retain volunteers in a win-win partnership. What are volunteers seeking? And how does that match the needs of the Organization?

Fundraising: PR and Messaging
Make people aware of what you do and why you’re good at it! A positive image is vital to your Organization’s ability to operate effectively, and to raise funds.

Fundraising: Social Enterprise
Investigate a compatible for-profit business model that can enhance your Organization’s mandate, and increase revenue stream.

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