Personal Skills

Improve relationships with self, with family, and professionally


Develop an understanding of who you are to plan your future with intention. Using easy personal assessments that outline personal characteristics such as

  • communication preferences
  • values
  • strengths

Quickly identify ways that enhance communication, and may assist in decision making according to values and priorities.


  • Personal Style: understanding for success
  • Values Preference Indicator
  • Stress Indicator and Health Planner
PSIPersonal Style Indicator. The PSI helps you identify your specific style pattern(s) and assists you to better understand and articulate your natural preferences, strengths, and potential challenges.$20
PSIIndepthPSI In-Depth Interpretations. PSI In-Depth InterpretationsThe PSI In-Depth Interpretations is the essential companion to the PSI. It will take you deeper and provide more information about your assessment results.$20
VPIValues Preference Indicator (VPI)
Leaders make wise yet surprisingly quick decisions. How? They know their Core Values beforehand. The Values Preference Indicator (VPI) identifies those core values.
SIHPStress Indicator and Health Planner (SIHP) assesses current level of stress and health. Use it to understand how to enhance overall well-being, manage stress, and improve performance.$25


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  • Finding Hopefulness
  • The Power of Forgiveness