Get paid to share your lived-knowledge and experience.

Subject matter experts wanted!

Is this you?
LearnPro Workshop and Seminar Presenters are evangelists for their subject matter. They are knowledgeable about a field of study, and want to share what they know.

Topics of interest range from business how-to’s to tips on personal effectiveness. Preference will be given to personal development and vocational topics, but other topics may be of interest. Learners are adults who are interested in what you know.

Whether recorded online or presented live, material will be relevant and available easily to learners.

LearnPro will take care of registration, marketing, invoicing, and pay you based on the number of attendees.

If you have a topic in mind, contact us at karen @ learnpro.ca with an outline of your idea, and some information about yourself. We will assist to bring your ideas to life.