Build Strong Non-Profits and charities

Your non-profit organization makes a positive difference in the world. You have a team of like-minded supporters. You have structured your activities, and have formed a non-profit organization. But what now? You need funds to survive. You need volunteers to help with the workload. You are passionate and knowledgeable about your key activities, but could use some professional advice to grow the organization to healthy sustainability. That’s where we can help.

Non-Profit Community

Organizational Development

Not-for-profit organizations are created in response to a need by people passionate about a cause, certain that they are able to make a difference. A healthy charitable organization continues to be relevant to it’s constituents, and to it’s community, and performs self checks on a regular basis. These include annual Strategic planning with Board, Staff and key stakeholders, regular training of staff, and check ins with community.

Board Development

The Board of Directors have the legal responsibility for the operations (including financial and legal requirements) of the Organization. They should be knowledgeable about the mission and vision of the organization, and be able to take on an active role in representing the Organization to the public.

Strategic Planning

Regular planning is a valuable tool to keep your organization relevant and ultimately healthy. In the planning process, various Stakeholders come together to examine and refresh the Vision.

Staff Development

With advancements in technology, social media, and economic instability, the need for professional development in the non-profit sector is rising.

Public Relations

Make people aware of what you do and why you’re good at it! A positive image is vital to your Organization’s ability to operate effectively.


The first step in any fundraising campaign is to determine your financial goals.

Some fundraising methods:

  • events (click here for an event planning workshop)
  • grants (click here for a grant writing workshop)
  • partnerships
  • planned giving
  • major gifts – asks


Volunteers are essential to the operations of an organization, providing day-to-day support and important professional skills. Additionally, volunteer involvement is recognized by granting agencies as proof of community support for an organization, an important indicator or receiving further financial support. Not sure how to manage volunteers? Click here for a (paid) workshop.

Social Enterprise

Social Enterprise, a business activity that supports a charitable purpose, is more and more popular. Charities Development can help you to assess your Social Enterprise to assure sustainability for your Organization.


To talk to someone about coaching to assist your Organization’s Fundraising, or to enquire about coaching sessions, please contact us directly through our page, Contact LearnPro.

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