Developing Business: Leaders and Systems

Providing proven systems, creativity and inspiration for Company development.


Executives Development

Business leaders and entrepreneurs in closely-held (individual, family, or partnership) companies have particular sets of needs in addition to the demands of the business. Responsible for company growth and a healthy bottom line, business owners must also keep balance with family (who are often employees), and find time to maintain personal health.

A company that is blessed with strong leadership also requires the management skills required in various disciplines in order to thrive. Today’s business team – even in the one person micro business – must have some technical knowledge of

  • advertising design and budgets (for advertising purchases)
  • financial management and monitoring of cash flow
  • relationship management, clients, suppliers
  • hiring, management and discipline of staff


Business Health


Business success is measured by how effectively goods or services reach the marketplace and generate activity, generally measured in purchases. The plans and processes that make up the Marketing Strategy guide how resources of time and money are spent for the greatest return.

Human Resources

The people representing your organization will largely determine it’s success. Skilled and personable staff that are knowledgeable and passionate about the aims of the business will ensure a growing customer base. Learn how to find, motivate, and keep great people.


High ethical standards are a requirement in day to day business activities, and in larger decisions.

Change Management

Knowing when to stay the planned course of business, and when to nimbly respond to opportunity is an ongoing challenge.

Succession Planning

Planning for the future change in leadership is essential for the health of an organization.



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